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How to make money on the Internet during confinement

make money on the Internet

In times of confinement, it is important to keep busy. It would be even better to engage in a lucrative activity. Apart from teleworking, there are various ways to make money on the internet. If you plan to make extra money without moving from home, the next proposals should be of interest to you.

Getting paid for your opinions on the Web

Paid advice provides some financial gain. The principle is simple. You have to give your opinion on a site or a product. A platform collects feedback against payment of a small fee. The amount remains small, but can become significant if you have a say in everything. In other words, you have to chain the survey forms together. You must fill them out meticulously. It is possible to make a monthly income by answering different surveys. You may be interested in this activity if you have a good general knowledge and no subject blocks you. Sometimes it is about politics or reproductive health. To start, you will need to register on a site that pays panellists. Recruitment is based on certain socio-demographic criteria. Brands are interested in a few personal details such as age and professional status.

Receive emails or view ads

If you like to receive mail, the mailing should help you round out your income. All you have to do is register on a site that pays the recipients. Your inbox will fill up. To earn money, you will have to open each message and click on the redirect links. This is a time-consuming task, but don’t worry, payment is often made by check or via PayPal. Your efforts are rightly rewarded, you will still need to receive a large amount of email to accumulate a certain amount of money. In the same spirit, some platforms pay you if you agree to view advertising on the Internet. They ask you to install software specifically designed for this purpose. The bars and banners may seem cumbersome at first, but you will quickly get used to them.

Taking part in online gambling

If you like games of chance, a multitude of proposals await you on the Web. Online casinos suggest slot machines, scratch cards and roulette wheels. Digital versions of the lottery are also available on the Internet. You have a wide range of sports betting options. You should put your knowledge of the football world to good use. In addition to football and NBA basketball, boxing and other disciplines offer online betting. In horse racing, the prize money can sometimes be as high as a million euros. However, poker rooms are the most lucrative. You have to face the masters of cards. The sums at stake are often large. It’s going to take a lot more than luck to win the games. It is possible to live exclusively from poker by joining the major leagues.

Explore other ways to make money on the Web

Cashback is no longer a must for connoisseurs of good deals. It’s a way to get paid when you make a purchase. If you carry out the transaction from a given site, this platform reimburses you a part of your invoice. This method saves your money. The cashback can be up to 10% of the value of the good. Then, you can also set up your own business from your home computer. The richest men in the world have become them thanks to online business. Finally, if you have talent for making videos, be a YouTube star. This site pays for the footage that gets the most view. You can expect a significant amount of money from 100,000 clicks on your publication. Some professional YouTubers are millionaires. Think about it.

How to make money on the Internet during confinement

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